Information for Parents

If those forms you asked the children to pick up for you  never seem to make it home, then here's the answer.

If you have 'Word' installed on your computer, simply click on the form you require and it will automatically download to your desktop.

You then have two options:

print off the form, fill it in and send it to school,
fill the form in on screen and e-mail it back to us as an attachment -

[email protected]


We appreciate that pupils often leave letters at school or in the bottom of their bags, and this can cause parents to lose track of what is happening in school, or even miss deadlines for trips etc.

Therefore, this section will enable you to download any letters you think you may have missed.  The section will be updated each month, so do remember to check regularly.

Simply click on the year group you require and then select the letter you missed -  it will download to your desktop.

Files to Download

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