Physical Education

At Scawsby Junior Academy, we offer a high-quality Physical Education curriculum, which inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in a variety of different sports. We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to become more physically active and understand the importance of their own health and fitness. Our curriculum creates many opportunities to embed important values such as fairness, respect and working as a team.

Year Three

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Year Four

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Year Five

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Year Six

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On the last day of the spring half term, the whole school took part in our annual cross country trial. Children ran around the perimeter of the school field three times, equating to around a mile. Year 3 and 4 girls and boys ran first, followed by Year 5 and 6 girls and boys. All children showed excellent determination and resolve to run the trial as quickly as they could. The top four from each race now have the opportunity to represent Scvawsby Junior Acadey at the Doncaster Cross Country Championships at Hill House School on Saturday 11th March. Congratulations to the sixteen children who made it through!

Doncaster Rovers Player Visit

The children in Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their PE session with the 3 Doncaster Rovers players on Tuesday, and got to spend time asking some questions. Year 6 had a fabulous time with Tommy Rowe and got to find out about the life of a footballer and asked lots of interesting questions. Huge thank you to Doncaster Rovers Football Club for allowing the players to visit our school and spend time with our children, it was really inspirational and we look forward to more visits for the whole school.

22nd of March – Year 5 and 6 football tournament

The year 5 and 6 girls competed in a football tournament at Ridgewood. The girls were up against some tricky teams and worked incredibly hard as a team to work the ball around the pitch.

The girls didn’t make it into the top 3, but they did improve as the games went on and showed fantastic sportsmanship and support to each other.

It has been great to see the girls improve each tournament and keep pushing when the game isn’t going their way. Well done!

Hill House Cross Country Tournament (22nd of April 2023)

On Saturday, we attended our first sporting event as Scawsby Junior Academy, at Hill House’s annual cross country tournament. Our team of brilliant runners were selected to represent our school in the spring term, when we held the running trials. 

The course presented some difficulty for our runners as the heavy downpour the night before made the race very difficult and slippery. However, this did not phase our fantastic athletes, who all showed true Scawsby Junior Academy resilience!  

The girls running in the under 9 girl’s race all placed in the top 20 runners. The boys running in the under 9 boy’s race were the team winners for their age group, with Freddie bagging himself a 1st place! The under 11 girls were also team winners, with Eva achieving 2nd place. The under 11 boys also ran an incredible race, with all runners placing in the top 15 and Frankie securing a 4th place. 

Overall, we bagged ourselves a superb 2nd place! A brilliant first sporting achievement for Scawsby Junior Academy. Hopefully, the first of many!

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