Meet The Team

School Staff

Mr Paul Chambers - Head Teacher

Year 6 

Mr Thomas - Year 6 lead / PE Lead / Trips Lead

Mrs McKie - Assistant Head / DSL / Inclusion Lead / Maths Lead

Miss Walker - Year 6 Teacher

Year 5

Miss Boyd - Year 5 Lead / Music Lead / RE Lead

Mrs Thomas - PSHE - JIGSAW - Lead

Mrs Parry - Art and Design Lead

Year 4

Mrs Lindley - Deputy Head / English Lead

Miss Parkin - Year 4 teacher

Miss Rees - MFL Lead

Year 3

Mrs Barker - Year 3 Lead/History and Geography Lead

Miss Miller - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Bailey - Year 3 Teacher/SENCO

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

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Mr P Chambers 

Head Teacher 

Mrs S Lindley

Deputy Head and Literacy Lead

Mrs K McKie

Assistant Head, Inclusion Manager and Maths/MFL Lead/LAC co-ordinator


Support Staff

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Mrs G Richardson 

School Business Manager

Mrs E Tarran

Office Manager

Mrs J Chapman

Clerical Officer/LSA

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Mrs L Watkinson 

Clerical Officer



Inclusion Team 

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Mrs C Bailey (SLT)


Mr R Vernon

Behaviour Support Officer