On Wednesday 5th January, we were very pleased and proud to receive a special award from the William Appelby Music Service in Doncaster, recognising and celebrating the hard work of our staff and pupils in delivering our music curriculum and provision across the school. We were nominated for the award by Mr Wragg and Mrs Brown- who deliver the fantastic Ukulele and Recorder teaching in school to all children- and these are the very kind words that Mr Wragg wrote about the school that were read out at the award ceremony: 

The Doncaster Ukulele Group Award goes to a school which features the ukulele as a prominent part of its commitment to delivering a fantastic music provision to students. We like to recognise the schools that go beyond simply ‘ticking a box’ for their music provision. This year's winning school has certainly demonstrated that.

This school currently offers full class recorder lessons to all students in Year 3 and 4 and full class ukulele lessons to all students in Year 5 and 6. Not only do students have the chance to learn those 2 instruments, across 4 years, in the classroom setting (at no cost to parents!), but they also have the opportunity to take smaller group lessons across a variety of instruments too if they wish to do so. We recognise that the variety of instruments available for students to access here is excellent for a primary school. 

On top of all the current music offerings, it’s fantastic to hear from chats with music leader Miss Boyd and head teacher Mr Chambers, that the school is committed to developing music even further - with talks of school bands and choirs developing (now that it’s becoming safer to set up such projects post-covid). As well as staff development opportunities to help with their confidence to deliver a strong music curriculum in school, alongside the Music Service visits. This commitment shows how music will sit at the heart of the school and make such a difference, enriching the lives of the entire school community – something that, in current times, is easy to overlook due to the pressures to succeed in other academic areas such as Maths and English. 

Usually, our award goes to a school which puts the ukulele specifically at the centre of its music provision. But this year we just had to make a slight exception. The ukulele does play a big part in the lives of the children here, but is actually a part of something much bigger... A real commitment from the school to deliver the best musical experience for their children, all of whom have access to 4 years of free musical instrument tuition and a variety of pathway options across the whole music spectrum. Every child here has the opportunity for musical success. 

Well done to all the staff and students at Scawsby Junior Academy!  


Foe the Queen's Jubilee: The video link below shows Year 6's finished song to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  Based on the 12 Days of Christmas, the class changed the lyrics to list gifts perfect for a royal celebration: “For her Platinum Jubilee, we gave her majesty…”.

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